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Watch as The Skoker performs Randy Newman’s “We Shall Overcome”. See what Daniel in Berlin had to say.

Your performance of the Randy Newman really got to me. Stunning performance of a song of unparalleled power.

-Daniel in Berlin

About The Skoker

The Skoker is a singer and a voice teacher. She is currently writing her own songs and has other composers writing for her now too, most notably the NYC-based composer, Stefania de Kenessey. Click here to learn more about The Skoker!

The Skoker Story

As a four -year old, Heidi Skok sang to all the animals on her parents farm where she was raised-those animals made for the best audience. She sang Toni Tennille songs all day long and songs from the band, Styx to chickens, ducks and cats. Heidi possessed a very low and raspy, sultry voice as a youngster and she was always told by teachers that something was wrong with her voice. Her voice quality was that of a boy. It was a difficult journey because people thought that was wrong to have a low voice and so her first voice teacher tried to take the voice up higher when she was twelve.

It was very good to learn a new avenue of “head voice” but to change the range proved that a very challenging road for Ms. Skok lay ahead, an internal struggle vocally that made the journey an arduous one. Due to the building of the head voice and with the higher range, Skok was directed to go into Classical music which was not her first focus. Heidi always saw herself as singing pop music. She would play the piano for hours and play her pop music and sing along to her own accompaniment. Her journey took her all the way to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City where she sang secondary soprano roles on the MET stage over a twelve- year period with some of the greatest opera singers in the world and the best conductors but something was not right, and it seemed that no one could ever really figure out her voice, it seemed to be such an enigma.


Becoming The Skoker

There was a lot of success along the way but eventually Heidi realized why things were so hard and she never seemed to feel like she fit in. She really was that low voice that a well-meaning teacher had taken away when she was twelve. After a vocal injury from singing too high in an orchestral concert as a soprano soloist, she began to find her journey back to the low voice and that was where things began to change for her.

She continued to sing in the Classical world now as a mezzo for some time then in 2019, Heidi Skok found her real voice, her childhood voice that had sung to the chickens, ducks and cats. She suddenly said to herself, “Get back to singing in chest voice and playing the piano for yourself.” She started with a Lionel Richie song just messing around, and it grew and grew from there and then she began to make recordings and videos and then started getting offers to sing in concert. This turning point is what transformed Heidi into The Skoker. To see more about her history, click the button below.

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